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Anna Chen’s one woman show for the theatre charts the rise and rise of east Asian women and the funny, lewd and sometimes brutal depiction of them. Taking a shotgun and a scalpel to the stereotypes — from tantric sex emperors to Wing Chun, the triumphant heroine of martial arts — Chen portrays a diverse cast of engaging characters from historical fact and fiction, and demonstrates how to epater le bourgeoisie with style, wit and a genuine sense of purpose. At times poignant, witty and stupendously theatrical, this groundbreaking show reverses the lure of Eastern promise as represented by the amazing, gravity-defying ping pong ball act — and shows how to transform your body from a soft target to a lethal weapon.

Suzy Wrong is blackly comic satire. Viciously precise vignettes illuminate the secret histories of kung-fu, the emperor’s concubines, Wallis Simpson’s singular sexual proclivities, and American trash TV; colonialist perceptions roasted on a spit and exquisitely skewered.”
Sasha de Suinn, Plays and Players

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Suzy Wrong premiered at the Croydon Warehouse in August 1994, and played to sell-out audiences at the Pleasance Theatre in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. A national tour included the Manchester Year of Drama at The Green Room, the Bath Fringe Festival at the Rondo Theatre, and Swansea UK City of Literature and Writing in 1995 where Anna played at the Ty Llen Theatre's Autumn Moon Festival alongside writers Maxine Hong Kingston and Evelyn Lau, dissident poets Bei Dao and Yang Lian, masterchef Deh-ta Hsiung, and actor David Yip.

Produced by Mu Lan Arts. Direction Andy Thompson. Design John Carnall. Lighting Susie Hollins. Stage Manager Sarah Kingswell. Photo image Bob Carlos Clarke.